Now that we have changed the clocks back and it is dark real early here in Seattle, I needed to find a new running headlamp. After the usual hours and hours of searching I purchased the Black Diamond Sprinter, a headlamp specifically designed for running.

The coolest feature of the headlamp and why it is tailored for runners is the focus of the light beam. It is a strong, oval beam that illuminates the path directly in front of you and not just a dispersed bright light. An easier way to explain it is it shoots a spotlight right in front of your feet so you can really see what is in front of you, not a dispersed light that will brighten a room. For those that care about technical specs the LED produces 68 lumens at its brightest setting, which really means it is really, really bright. Another great feature for runners is a red strobe light in the back so cars and other people can see you coming and going.This switch can be turned off so as not to annoy other runners if you happen to be running in a pack.

Some of the other cool features are a rechargeable battery, which really lightens the load of this headlamp to 100g/3.5oz, probably the lightest running headlamp out there and has a 6 hour charge time, so it will burn for 5 hours on the highest setting and something like 60+ hours on a dim setting.

Forgot to mention one of the most important features of the Black Diamond Sprinter, it actually feels good on your head. It has a great balance and you do not feel it flying around or worry that it is going to come off at any moment. A major problem I have had with other headlamps. I know it might not look that great in these pictures, but at the end of the day, who cares. It is dark out and this light is meant to shine in front of you, not on you.