I will start this post off by saying I am not in the Brooks wear tester program, and this is not a sponsored review. If someone form Brooks is reading this and then wants to approve one of my many applications to become a wear tester, then I will not complain and will join you. Now on the review of the shorts.

Living in the Seattle area, which is home to Brooks Running, I am lucky enough to be near the Brooks outlet store and can usually find some good deals. At their last sidewalk sale I picked up a new type of running short that I had never seen before. It is called the Infiniti Notch (silly name) and instead of a mesh liner it has a compression short built right in. I was a little apprehensive at first since I am kind of careful what kind of shorts I put on, fears of chafing and using something with the word “compression” in certain areas.

Well after a month or so of use I can say these are my new go to shorts. The outside liner material is loose since it does not have to be snug against you to hold down the liner, and does not seem to chafe or rub anywhere it should not. The compression liner is comfortable and supportive and while I am not sure of the benefits to your muscles from the compression shorts and the claims that it fights fatigue, I can tell you that most important , everything stayed in place.

As for the colors and the pockets and the other details , my review is – they are fine. This short is not about some cool secret pocket for your keys or funky glow in the dark colors, but about a really good everyday training short that I think most men would appreciate.  If you need it here is the official product description and a picture. Enjoy!


Men’s high-performance 2-in-1 marathon short features dual rear-holster pockets and CoRe Liner, a Compression and Recovery boxer brief that reduces chafing and fights fatigue on longer runs.Shell: Element Woven (100% waterproof/windproof microfiber polyester) provides protection from wind and wet, breathability for comfort and a fine, soft texture; Liner: (84% polyester/16% spandex) moves moisture away from your skin.